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I hired Dream Home Services to do the 11-month warranty inspection of my new home.  I chose him because he is an engineer and I knew he would be very thorough, which he was.  He discovered that the electrical outlets specifically for Christmas lights did not work.  I otherwise would not have known until I put the lights up.  I got an extra special surprise when he shot video during different parts of the inspection.  He was able to clearly show me things in the crawlspace that were not correct and I was able to easily show the builder what needed fixing and exactly where it was.  I highly recommend Dream Home Inspection Services because he is thorough, easy to work with and the video footage is very helpful.

Happy Home Buyer, Cal C.

Larry, at Dream Home Services, recently inspected my 40-year old home and identified a number of things that needed to be brought up to standards.  At my age, I can no longer go up on the roof or into the crawlspace.  The video footage Larry shot while inspecting these areas of the house was extremely helpful for me to see the things that need fixing.  He was also very good about explaining things, and with the video, it all came together quite clearly.  The written report was also very detailed.  I highly recommend Dream Home Services for your home inspection.  He is very thorough and easy to work with.

Happy Home Owner, Rod M.

As owner and operator of Dream Home Inspection Services, Larry exceeded my expectations when having him provide us with a pre-sale inspection of our home.  He is the most thorough inspector we have ever worked with.  Open and honest are the qualities we look for in a business owner.  Larry meets those qualities.  We highly recommend his services for home inspection.

Happy Home Sellers, Jon and Dawna J.

Larry Kuga, of Dream Home Services, performed the inspection of our new home.  We were out-of-town buyers, and Larry was wonderful about coordinating with us to perform and communicate the results of the inspection.  A special touch was that Larry actually videotaped and narrated certain portions of the inspection, then sent the videos to us using Dropbox.  Again, being out of town, and not able to attend the inspection, the video was incredibly helpful for us as we went forward with the purchase.  His inspection report was meticulous and thorough, which gave us peace of mind.  He clearly has a deep understanding of home construction and the relevant codes, and his attention to detail is exceptional.  We would highly recommend his services to anyone purchasing a home.

Happy Home Buyers, Jonathan and Erin D. 

Larry, from Dream Home Services, exceeded my expectations on the inspection of my, almost new, home in Kennewick.  I had to do all the follow-up by long distance, as I am from out-of-town.  Larry was referred to me by my realtor and his service was better than anyone else that I have used for other home purchases.  To begin with, he recorded his inspections of the roof, attic, crawlspace and electrical panel on video and explained all that he saw.  He did a thorough inspection and found a few minor issues of which he took the time to explain to me what I should do and also what may have been the cause.  I would highly recommend Larry for anyone who needs to have that peace of mind that comes with knowledge of a home's hidden flaws.

Happy Home Buyer, Maria D.

When buying our new house, we wanted a home inspector that would be very thorough.  We chose Dream Home Services initially because we liked the idea of having video footage to see the hidden areas of the house.  During the inspection, Larry, our home inspector, took the time to explain things to us and the relative importance of each finding.  He was very knowledgeable and the video confirmed his thoroughness in all the hidden places.  The inspection report was super easy to read and understand because it is color-coded based on the severity of the findings.  Larry also provided an informative home maintenance booklet that has helped us to keep things running smoothly in the house.  If you need a great home inspection and an easy to work with home inspector, go with Dream Home Services!

Happy Home Buyer, Valerie P.

Happy Home Buyer, Dave C.

This happy home buyer was so impressed with his home inspection video, he decided it was only fitting to provide his testimonial on video as well.  Thanks Dave!

The wonderful client reviews and testimonials received by Dream Home Services are valuable indicators of how beneficial my home inspections are to home buyers and sellers alike.  Thank you everyone who takes the time to let me know how well I am serving you. 

I love to hear from you!

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