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Unless the home has a concrete slab foundation, the home inspection should include a thorough inspection of the crawlspace and/or basement, if accessible.  The crawlspace often gives the home inspector a good look at exposed sections of the plumbing, electrical and ventilation systems of the home.  This is a great location for the home inspector to detect any moisture issues and the presence of wood-destroying organisms.

Most older homes have the crawlspace access located on the exterior of the home.  The access door or hatch is often in poor condition and does not fit the opening properly.  This provides a path for animals to enter under the house.  Animals can cause serious damage underneath a home.  Check you exterior crawlspace access often to ensure the opening is properly covered.

Prior to your home inspection, make sure the access hatch is not blocked or otherwise inaccessible.  Your home inspector will certainly appreciate it.

Newer homes with a crawlspace, typically have the crawlspace access hatch located in the floor of a closet.  This construction process prevents many of the problems associated with an exterior crawlspace access hatch.  Also, with this type of crawlspace hatch, make sure the hatch is accessible at the time of your home inspection.  The home inspector is not required to move household items that may block access.  You will have better peace of mind knowing that your home inspector did a thorough inspection of your crawlspace!

Crawlspace and Basement Inspection

Inspection of the Crawlspace and/or Basement includes:

  • Accessible foundation and floor
  • Floor framing
  • Load-bearing girders
  • Posts, piers and support columns
  • Ventilation
  • Windows
  • Type and condition of ventilation
  • Evidence of water penetration, current or past
  • Evidence of wood-destroying organisms

If you need a good home inspection, here are some people we recommend:

  • Platinum Home Inspections (Kenny Larsen) 509-947-2293
  • Diamond Willow Home Inspections (Aaron Davis) 509-521-9959
  • National Property Inspectors (Ron Schenk) 509-832-3427    *Commercial Inspections